Demo Training (basic & latent)

These are demo programs online that lets the user get acquainted with doing the basic level of fingerprint comparison as well as that of latent print comparison. All the tools are there to make a proper evaluation. Come in to Fingerprintschooling and give it a try. See what we have to offer.

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Standard Training

Standard training in this sense focuses on the recognition of bifurcations and ending ridges and is slanted towards the beginner. There is a Quick Start Guide download to assist the beginner in understanding what information to look for when examining a print. The 4 exercises give the user practice in locating and marking the relevant points of interest.

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Certificate Training

Extended training with certificate of completion is an excellent course as a pre-introduction to the Science of Fingerprinting. The course includes a Quick Start Guide to fingerprinting and also a Course workbook that provides more fingerprint information and self testing. The exercises provide and array of fingerprints to compare.

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