Our site offers you a place to practice as you work your way towards becoming a professional in the field of fingerprint recognition by studying materials, as well as training.

Let's start.

To start work on the site and training, you must be a registered user with a confirmed email. More details can be read here. Registration will allow you to study related materials, pass and track your workouts, and add new ones.

After passing the registration procedure, for further actions, you need to enter the site. In addition, two more Account and Training sections will be added to the top menu.

In the Account section, you can configure your account.

Training allows you to understand the basis for recognizing fingerprints and learn the methods of comparison. To add new exercises, you need to go to the Get training section, for more information in this section. To get acquainted with the training opportunities we have provided one free. Each training exercise contains a certain number of tests, which consist of tasks for comparing fingerprints, your task is to correctly indicate prints as matching or not matching.

In the Training section, you can see the exercises available to you, as well as the materials for study. Clicking on this section on the left of the menu, you will see a list of what is available. After a click on the exercise, you get into the control of the training, in more detail the testing process will describe here.

We would like to see your feedback, so if you write a short review on our feedback page or to hipockt@hotmail.com it would be much appreciated. All our feedback helps us to make this a better product.